Training and Entrepreneurship, always go together

To became an entrepreneur it’s necessary to have an idea and for this idea he must feel passion. In addition, the entrepreneur must have different aptitudes to carry through. This includes leadership, abilities to work in group, initiative, analytic and communication skills to explain the idea. And this idea, deep down, is the difference between an entrepreneur and a businessman.


After that difference it’s necessary to bring out that to be an entrepreneur it’s necessary to receive some education to shape the idea. The term of training, in our brains, it’s related to university and colleges. But not of all education must be academic. A good example of this is Steve Jobs, who without graduating, he revolutionized the world of communications when he founded Apple and Pixar.


In the speech he gave in 2005, in presence of students recently graduated in Stanford he remembered that he decided to give up compulsory subjects in the university and to attend to more interesting subjects which brought only what he really needed. One of it was calligraphy, this subject is taught at Reed Collage. The knowledge he received supposed a before and after in his life. If he didn’t have taken this decision, he had never invented his own and exclusive typography for all Apple products.


This shows that the entrepreneur does not only learn inside universities and colleges with entrepreneurship programs. Knowledge is acquired in conferences and other entrepreneurs’ experiences which cover a very difficult way to develop the idea. All in all the example of others.


In this summing up, entrepreneurship and education, it’s only necessary to pay attention that whatever is the order of the terms the result becomes the same but it’s certain that the connection of bought terms: the entrepreneurs’ idea gets educated throughout training.

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