The investors’ expectations from an entrepreneur

Vision, commitment, responsibility and good risk management.

These are some of the skills that an investor can expect from an entrepreneur before and after the project launch. However, depending on the profile of the investors their expectations may vary, for this reason, the answer is more complex. As a matter of fact, there are so many profiles of investor as investors you can meet. All of them may have different goals, concerns and expectations depending on their backgrounds.

The mutual engagement to achieve a common goal is a necessary precondition for a successful partnership. In this way, it is possible to establish a professional relationship where both partners can achieve their shared objectives.

As an investor you can only expect entrepreneur’s work and commitment, which means the entrepreneur is also concerned about his or her own investment, in this case an investment of time, knowledge and ideas.

An investor may also expect that the project brings him or her good image and professional recognition. Investors may expect that the entrepreneurs are flexible, efficient and creative.

To summarize, the investors’ expectations from an entrepreneur include strong efforts, commitment, concern about their investment and the necessary passion to defend projects from unforeseen circumstances and unexpected situations, having the capacity to reach demands and face problems when they arise.

Daniel Carrasco Díaz

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