Enterpreneurs: guts and faith

An idea comes. Does anyone knows from where? Nobody. It just Surges With no more. It´s brilliant, clean, simple, unusual. Why hadn´t anyone thought about it before? And when you realice about it you note it is in addition too exciting, profitable. Now all that remains are savings and guts. Many galls. Do I have it? Yes? Go ahead …

Every entrepreneur goes through that first euphoria and insomnia´s phase: pre-launch. This results, in itself, a success. Independently if the project is a whole economic vision for the sector or an authentic disaster. In the first case, the supporting´s problems to the person who starts to make noteworthy amounts with his bet, will rain down from the sky like May´s water. Otherwise, the water will become in storm where thunders sound like “I told you so.”

In any case, this initial phase is what makes the difference between people. To the braves of cowards. The leaders of mediocrity. Many, many people have brilliant ideas occurring daily. Hundreds of thousands of great ideas roam around the world looking for a brave person who faces them into reality. Not only Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg or Amancio Ortega have fabulous business. No. Everybody has some over their hole life. But only those who take born in the minds of bold companies become into company.

To have it is something that makes an entrepreneur different from any other worker, is already a success. If the business finally falls or not, then just matters in economic terms. Failure could come from a wrong market research, don´t be very well acquainted with the target or because of a partners´s choose with poor judgment. It doesn´t matter. The entrepreneur will never fail, because the failure of a project means knowing what was wrong, it means having more experience and wisdom for the next time, know where the stone is to not fall again. Therefore, the failure of a business will never mean the failure of an entrepreneur. An entrepreneur, by the fact of being it, is a success in itself, since he had the courage to believe in an idea and fight for it.

Now, the real failure, raw, sad and above all, dangerous, comes from the hand of a small and seemingly tiny detail: thet the entrepreneur doesn´t believe in the project. If you do not believe in your own idea, no one, I repeat, no one will ever does.

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