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If Businessinfact had been available in the S.XV, Colón would have come at this meeting place to find the investor’s support and embark on the new continent. Sucess and good decision are the two adjetives that characterize this proyect. A project that achieved emerge a new lifestyle. An adventure necessary and certainly that determined the course of history.

Attitudes as enterprisings like Colón are so necesary right now. We live immersed in a time of change. A new economic and social model have been set and, with this, a different way of thinking and acting. A new needs that involve a change of rules. Entrepreneurs and investors become, in fact, two necessary and indispensable profiles but, sometimes, ignorance and absence of meeting place make it difficult.


Like that, Businessinfact is presented like a global and online community that come together to entrepreneurs and investors certainly efficient and afective.Build and support a online platform that connects the “I have an idea” and “I have money but i don’t know what to spend it on” is essential to associate the Entrepreneurs and investor to the same roads and interestings. Adapting Business Angel to the new technologies and emerging communication channels; entrepreneurs an investors achieve to meet, know and float a project that allow fit together the needs of both profiles.

Entrepreneurs; providing their professionalim, knowledge and ambition; manage to initiate and develop a work project thanks to the ful support of the investor. They contribute to the sector development in which they move, making realities of the ideas, needs of the utopias. The project become durable and profitable. They satisfy their needs. They meet and Know in Businessinfact.

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