I was born boy, and I became an enterprising

Does the enterprising born or made? We continuously are doing this debate. If we’re going to the library, we can find a book that illustrates the history of a country, but we can´t find a copy about how to make us an entrepreneur.

An enterprising is defined by a set of skills that we can understand as innate. The entrepreneur is motivated, ready to change the world, resistant to failure. They are natural leaders and hard workers. Are you born with those skills or acquire them throughout your life? When we are speak about the learning, we don´t speak of the education system (should work to encourage these qualities) We acquired those skills in our daily life.

As some entrepreneurs explain in several surveys it´s essential to have previous experience as an employee, so they can learn about working for others.

One of the most important factors that an enterprising should have is to be a good networking. If a person has a great business idea, he needs to develop and having a good group of investors and customers. We aren’t born with a contacts list who bet for our business. So, we have to look for those contacts in order to make a good marketing strategy.

If the entrepreneur is made, can any of us become a business man? Of course, some people start from an advanced perspective because they have acquired some skills to be a great entrepreneur on personal experience.  If you don´t have it, don’t worry, you can meet with people that inspire an entrepreneurial culture, with a group that work with passion. Currently, there are a lot of sessions and courses about entrepreneurs and business coaching. These are activities in which a person can begin to overcome those fears that keep you from independently launching the labor market.

What remains to be a good enterprising is to have a good idea. Sure we ever thought of an idea to get a business.  Ideas alone aren’t enough, you have to sit in front of piece of paper and develop the idea. Look something that differentiates your business from the rest. The magic formula of the entrepreneur is to work and persevere.  The right thing to do is to focus on a single project than working on several ideas.

If you have an idea and you think you can’t be an entrepreneur, must change your way of thinking, you decide.  Surround yourself with people who inspire optimism, not just dive into the adventure, make a good study of working, and take all the available tools to future employers. Investors meetings, forums, courses, etc. When you walk out the door you will see the things easier.

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